Jumaat, 8 Mac 2013

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  1. Colonialist Thailand signs peace talks deal with Patani Liberation Movement
    PATANI DARUSALAM: Feb, 28, 2013 - Thailand's colonialist government has signed its first-ever peace talks deal with Patani Liberation Movement aimed at ending a decades-long conflict in the Ethnic Malay region.

    The deal was signed in Malaysia by the National Revolution Front (BRN), one of several groups operating in the ethnic Malay provinces.
    More than 5,500 people have been killed since the conflict reignited in the Muslim-majority region in 2004.

    Malaysian PM Najib Razak and his Thai counterpart Yingluck Shinawatra are to meet in Kuala Lumpur later on Thursday.

    Their annual meeting is expected to include talks on the Patani freedom fighters in the ethnic Malay region as well as cross-border trade.

    Malaysia has been acting as a facilitator for the negotiations between the Thai government and the Patani freedom fighters and is likely to host any peace talks.